Hello and Welcome

Are you on the brink of midlife, struggling to find a footing in this new life stage? Or, are you seeking deeper meaning and fulfilment in your life?

The Midlife Hours was inspired by five simple guideposts that framed my midlife journey. While no two journeys can be the same, I hope that sharing these guideposts sparks curiosity and openness for other midlifers to gently explore and embrace the unexpected possibilities this fresh life chapter holds.

The idea of embracing midlife may seem odd if you think about ageing as something to dread and fear, as studies show. Being on this journey for over five years now, I’ve learned there’s so much to this life season that contradicts that disheartening view.

Midlife can be a refreshing time to gently shed the things that don’t serve your wellbeing. It’s also an opportunity to re-align and shift back to your innate self because that person holds the keys to living your best life.

I delve into the five guideposts in a series of blog posts, devotionals, and personalised journals to encourage new midlifers in five distinct ways to embrace the midlife journey:

  • Awakening: Draw insight from your significant life experiences and how they shaped your growth.
  • Self-Awareness: Grow deeper self-awareness and full understanding of what makes you tick so that you can stay grounded and true to your innate self.
  • Self-compassion: Explore what midlife looks like in your life context framed by your unique circumstances without comparison, self-criticism or self-shame.
  • Freedom: Refine your life by reclaiming the essential parts you discarded along the way instead of swaying to the tunes of a world that keeps shape-shifting.
  • Exploration: Being open to exploring your strengths, abilities, and skills and finding suitable and meaningful ways to harness these to live with deeper fulfilment and joy.

Welcome to the midlife journey!