Book Review: Unravelled by Stephenie Zamora

Stephenie Zamora writes about a life-altering trauma which disrupted and shifted every aspect of her life. With gut-wrenching honesty and vulnerability, she shares how the suicide of a loved one shattered her familiar existence and the self she knew before that moment. Her grief process and journey towards inner re-alignment affected her closest relationships, her work and finances, along with her view of the world. Her comeback was not quick or straightforward. It required courage and a deep sense of self-awareness. It called for a willingness to lean into her experience with PTSD by seeking understanding and support from those equipped to offer it. At the same time, she gently and bravely let go of the hands of those who were not meant to navigate this experience with her. This journey into herself, her relationships and re-evaluation of her body of work would ultimately heal, renew, and refine her life purpose.

Stephenie refers to writing this book as her ‘final layer of healing’. For readers, it offers insight and courage to begin their own healing journey after a significant loss or a major life transition. Her story encourages us to unravel our own characteristic ways of showing up in the world to identify the areas that are not aligned with the truest parts of our being. The more aligned we become with our inner selves, our needs and strengths, the greater the impact we will have on those we encounter along the way. The book concludes with practical tools and resources to support individuals towards a more authentic re-alignment of themselves and their relationships with others.

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