Spiritual Growth

  • He Leads Me Beside Still Waters
    Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, looking across a vast landscape? Except, the full view is partially hidden behind clouds and you couldn’t quite see the full vista in front of you? That’s what I felt like at that moment – like someone about to bungee jump off a cliff for
  • How to Fight Your Goal Gremlins to Fast-Track Your Goals
    What image comes to mind when you imagine a battle between two adversaries at war? An image that comes to mind is the biblical stand-off between David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. David was a young shepherd with sharp hunting skills and unwavering faith in God. His 9-foot adversary, Goliath, was a seasoned, arrogant
  • Book Review: Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge
    I loved this book by John Eldredge about slowing down for a moment every day to pause and reset. It is such a simple 60-second practice, but one that can help you find calm to re-align you in the ways that truly matter in a world saturated with ‘noise’. It is a simplified read targeted
  • How to Cultivate Spiritual Growth with Daily Devotionals
    Why Should Christians have regular devotionals? The short answer—is to deepen your spiritual growth. More specifically: Devotionals allow you to cultivate a relationship with God Any meaningful relationship in your life includes spending quality time with a significant person. You schedule specific times to meet to get to know that person’s character, what they like
  • Book Review: X-Multiply Your God-Given Potential
    In his 2020 book, X-Multiply Your God-Given Potential, John Bevere insightfully unravels the scriptural blueprint for purposeful living. It skillfully integrates personal stories with scripture to drive the message home. I particularly valued the way John unpacks the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14. He offers valuable, fresh insight into God’s expectations and outcomes